Property Expo 2023


Our Company is delighted to highlight our active participation in Propex 2023. During this event, we had the privilege to present Mogulinker's Cloud AI solution, a groundbreaking innovation aimed at optimizing traditional HVAC systems. This cutting-edge solution leverages powerful AI modeling and advanced algorithms to continuously monitor and analyze data. Consequently, it effectively adjusts various controls and setpoints, ultimately achieving unparalleled efficiency and cost savings of up to 30%.

Conventional control methodologies are only as effective as their initial design or subsequent operator usage. They often overlook the dynamic changes in the environment and the wear and tear experienced by sensors and equipment, requiring ongoing adjustments and fine-tuning. Over time, these systems witness a decline in efficiency as they operate on pre-configured parameters set during the system's initial deployment.

Mogulinker addresses this challenge by applying a comprehensive suite of over 60 AI algorithms, coupled with expert models. This amalgamation accurately forecasts system demand and proactively optimizes equipment output to the most efficient level. Essentially, it offers the equivalent of a dedicated team of experts managing the system.

In light of the burgeoning AI landscape, corporations must carefully consider integrating this transformative technology to augment their daily operations. Drawing upon our extensive expertise in the controls and automation industry, we stand ready to assist our valued customers in fully harnessing the potential of AI for their specific processes and applications.