Data Centres

In recent years, the rapid development of technology leading to an increase in data computing and warehousing has spurred an explosive growth in the data centre industry. With companies taking data storage to another level, there is a rising demand for ‘Cloud’ applications. Nowadays, reliability of data centres should typically meet the five 9s i.e. 99.999%, yet there are unique and demanding HVAC requirements.  

In order to comply with such requirements and ensure data is constantly accessible and available for users, there are a number of equipment used in these facilities to reduce chances of costly downtimes such as powerful yet energy efficient cooling systems as well as backup UPS generators.  Such mission critical facilities require systems with instantaneous response and feedback as any fault in the equipment or systems need to be rectified immediately. 

Our Company is experienced in using industrial control systems to control and monitor the environment and equipment within data centres. Industrial control systems such as PLCs differentiate from commercial systems such as DDCs in their use of more accurate and durable sensors and devices and signal types. Industrial controllers are more robust, have higher performance and more flexible when it comes to programming. The inclusion of true redundancy modules with industrial controls can tackle challenging control issues and ensure reliability is preserved throughout the system.