Build4Asia 2023


Our Company is proud to have participated in Build4Asia 2023.  This year, we showcased our OT cybersecurity solution by utilizing a mix of software and hardware which aims to protect building managements systems and also factory / plant floor systems, both of which are susceptible to external and internal attacks.  

With the rise of IoT devices and IT / OT integration, it is vital for organizations to establish proper cybersecurity measures in protecting their operational equipment and devices.  Nam Wah is dedicated to working with its clients in safeguarding their assets in order to ensure plant-floor visibility and equipment reliability.  With ISA-62443 certified professionals, we are able to work with clients in establishing cybersecurity standards, conduct risk assessments as well as implement necessary cybersecurity measures (whether it is adding new hardware or hardening existing devices).  All of which aims to minimize the chances of potential breach and compromise.

Should you be interested in taking your OT cybersecurity to another level, please feel free to contact us for more information.